Houseki no Kuni: The highly-anticipated return of the Gem Kingdom in Season 2

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The Gem Kingdom is back and better than ever in the highly-anticipated return of “Houseki no Kuni” in its second season. The anime series, based on the manga by Haruko Ichikawa, has captured the hearts of fans with its unique story and breathtaking animation. In this article, we will explore what to expect from the upcoming season and take a look back at what made the first season so special.

The Story of the Gem Kingdom

“Houseki no Kuni” tells the story of a world where precious gems known as “Houseki” live and fight against the “Moon People,” creatures who threaten their existence. Each Houseki has a unique ability and is assigned a role to protect their kingdom. The main character, Phosphophyllite, is a weak and fragile gem who is determined to find their place in the kingdom and prove their worth.

The first season introduced us to the diverse cast of characters and their unique abilities. We also saw the Gem Kingdom’s struggles against the Moon People and the sacrifices made to protect their home. The series was praised for its deep themes of identity and belonging, as well as its beautiful animation and compelling storytelling.

What to Expect from Season 2

The second season is set to pick up where the first left off, with the Gem Kingdom still facing threats from the Moon People. Fans can expect to see more action and intense battles as the Houseki continue to fight for their survival.

In addition to the action, viewers can also look forward to delving deeper into the characters and their relationships with one another. The first season hinted at the possibility of romance between Phosphophyllite and another gem, and it will be interesting to see how this develops in the upcoming season.

We can also expect to see more of the Gem Kingdom’s history and culture, as well as the origins of the Moon People and their motivations. With more information, fans will have a better understanding of the world and the characters that inhabit it.

Why You Should Watch “Houseki no Kuni”

“Houseki no Kuni” is not just your average action anime. The series offers a unique and captivating story that deals with themes of identity and belonging. The characters are relatable and likable, and the animation is absolutely stunning.

One of the biggest draws of the series is its diverse cast of characters. Each gem is unique in their abilities and personalities, making for a well-rounded and interesting group. The series also does an excellent job of exploring the relationships between the gems and how they depend on one another for survival.


The highly-anticipated return of “Houseki no Kuni” in its second season is sure to be a hit with fans. The series offers a unique and compelling story, diverse characters, and breathtaking animation. With the return of the Gem Kingdom and the ongoing threat of the Moon People, fans can look forward to intense battles and more insight into the world and its inhabitants. Get ready to dive back into the world of the Gem Kingdom and experience the beauty and wonder of “Houseki no Kuni” in its second season.

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Houseki no Kuni

Houseki no Kuni

Houseki no Kuni

Houseki no Kuni

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